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Anahi :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet bella :)

how does a 1lb kitty gets on the middle of the expressway ?.....I rather not get into that now.

But I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Rosemary. who first spotted her, did not look away and actually did something about it. To Circe who is my good friend, neighbor and my hero! she always answers my calls when I do not know what to do in these type of situations and actually rescued "bella" from the traffic, and Lucinda for giving "bella" a chance to a forever home :)

to view more images of her first vet visit with Dr. Bruce click here:

Bella has been staying with me and I'm thrilled to report that Bella is doing great ! a few scratches but very playful and will go to her forever home next week with Lucinda from sandy feet we just have to convince Peach :) (her other furry kid). I'm so happy she is going to be in great hands :) Thank you Lucinda!

Please send good vibes our way!

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