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Anahi :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008


you know we love you guys:) we feel so fortunate to have met you. your connection is amazing, your story is so exciting and passionate ;) thank you so much for sharing so many great moments with us, we are thrilled that this is just the beginning!


you rocked your session ! and now enjoy the rest:

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trish&doug said...

YOU are a dream come true! We just looked at our entire gallery and went "WOW! Anahi is amazing at what she does!" Your talent is truly amazing and so unique, we feel so blessed to have found you. We feel even more blessed to be able to call you a friend. MUAH. we love you dearly. see you soon!!!! love, trish & doug (& bart, gibbs, & princess sofie)

fer juaristi said...

Anahi, love your e.session! Bug fan of your work, never stop to amazed me.

Nicole said...

Smokin' session!

Anahi said...

trisha+doug- aww guys you are so sweet! thank you :) looking forward to hanging out in SMA!

fer-thank you! please know that it is greatly appreciated :)

nicole-thank you girl!