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Anahi :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


After some schedule conflicts due to lots of travel on both sides, I finally got to meet Claudia to shoot her headshot for her upcoming website and promotional materials. She is a very talented artist from Brownsville, TX and already has pieces exhibiting in N.Y, how cool is that! I have to say that I had a blast, she was a lot of fun to photograph !

Claudia, thank you so much for trusting me :) to view your complete gallery enter your password here:


Melissa Rodriguez said...

These are so beautiful! They are going to be awesome for her Web site.

It was so nice talking to you today. I hope that we are able to meet each other soon at a guild meeting! :)

Anahi said...

hey melissa !
it was great talking to you too :) thank you so much for your help with the nilmdts situation. looking forward to meeting you!
anahi :)