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Anahi :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

alex's bridal

one more day and I would be posting this in "The Vault" series lol !
yup! Alex is a beautiful bride and a beautiful person :) smart, sweet and a treat to hang around with ...enjoy !

makeup by maricela, you can contact her at : 956.592.2628 or 956.465.4196

and last but not least a super sweet note from alex :)


gerardogarmendia said...


i've always loved your photos...this session is really beautiful! keep up the great work...

angela garmendia

Anahi said...

hi angela!
thank you so much for your comments, alex made it so much fun :) Please know that I greatly appreciate your comments, specially coming from a fellow photographer :)

lotsa love,
anahi :)