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Anahi :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


ladies and gentleman, the amazing Valerie Vance from Bridal Trends !

Location: Quinta Mazatlan
Wedding Coordinator: Valerie Vance Bridal Trends


it was great meeting you and sharing this day with you guys ! you are such a fun loving couple with such a great loving family, it was really a treat to be there to document your day ! thank you so much for the trust that you placed on me,

anahi :)

and now...enjoy !

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valerie Vance Alaniz said...

OH MY GOD!!!! These are the most amazing pictures I have ever seen!!! Anahi, my heart is pounding from excitement and happiness! I know that Meredith & Conrad and their families are going to be soooooooo thankful! You sure know how to build the suspense girl!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all and I thank you for all of your hard work and creative eye!


Anahi said...

hey valerie !
thank you so much, you are very kind :) It was such a beautiful colorful wedding, with lots of emotion ! I was very lucky to be trusted to document their wedding !

ruth jacobsen said...

Anahi, what a fabulous job! So many pictures and it was worth the wait! Thanks again for your very creative and beautiful work. You capture many wonderful memories!

desiree said...

Your work is just a breath of fresh air, I am always so impressed and inspired every time I visit your site. If you ever need a 2nd shooter, I am on the next plane to Texas!

tu hermana mexicana- Desiree

Anahi said...

mrs. jacobsen-thank you so much for your words :) it was such a pleasure to have met you and your family. Thank you so much !

desiree- hermana ! lol! you are very sweet and fun ! can't wait to hang out again! looking forward to shooting together..who knows maybe soon !

thank you!

Laurie Mire Photography said...

Love these! I photographed at Quinta last year it's a wonderful venue and you captured it beautifully.

Anahi said...

laurie-thank you :) Quinta is a great place to photograph + the colors were unbelievable !