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Anahi :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be there to document your day, it means so much to me :)
you guys looked so hot ! and so much in love ! you are truly blessed with a beautiful connection and a gorgeous family.

wishing you a lifetime of happiness,

anahi :)

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event coordination by the amazing Valerie Vance at Bridal Trends always a treat to work with you valerie !


buddy+lucy said...


We just finished viewing our pictures and every moment that you captured was so miraculous and special. We thank God for bringing you into our lives and making our memories last a lifetime. Thank you for everything you did and expect to have many more sessions with the future little ones. We truly love you and your work. Nothing can describe the emotions that we feel viewing such details. Even after almost 2 months tears of joy still ran down my face. Thank you so much and may God bless you!


Anahi said...


now I'm the one in tears ;) thank you so much for your words. I truly think that I'm very lucky to have met you and consider it a blessing. looking forward to be there to document (and share !) many more beginnings !

love you guys !
anahi :)

Valerie Vance Alaniz said...

Absolutely beautiful, Anahi! Lucy & Buddy have a phenomenal connection and you were able to capture it perfectly! It's always a pleasure to experience your work first hand!


Anahi said...

hey valerie,
thank you so much for your kind comments :)
lucy+buddy are such a great couple ! we are very lucky to have such amazing clients and friends !