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Anahi :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

michelle+john austin e-session

I recently shot Michelle's bridal session in Austin...you will get to see those after the wedding :) we also made some time to shoot their fabulous engagement session.

here you can view a few of my favs...enjoy !

we even got to see the bats at the bridge, we fed a chubby little squirrel and went to visit Michelle's former pets at the pond :)

Michelle+John, thank you so much for a super fun session ! Looking forward to your big day !

anahi :)


Kate Mefford said...

7, 8, 11, & 12 are AMAZING. LOVE 'em! Sorry I fell thru the cracks in Padre last weekend...we have a condo there, so we are bound to meet one day so I can soak up some of your genius. =)

Anahi said...

you are so sweet kate :) thank you so much. we had a great time in austin and it was such a treat to hang out with michelle+john :)

you have a condo here ? so yup we will definitely meet this summer yey ! get ready for ritas and dancing !

anahi :)