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Anahi :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A few weeks back I photographed amanda's bridal and we even made some time to include mark, ;)
here is a sneak peek:

Hair and Makeup by Rosemary

Location Casa de Palmas Renaissance Mcallen

amanda+mark, thank you so much for a super fun session, I wish you guys the best !

anahi :)


amanda said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Mark and I both had tears. Thank you for giving us something that will last a lifetime:)

Anahi said...

hi guys,
you are so sweet :) it was truly an honor to hang out with you and document your fabulous connection.

anahi :)

Mark said...

Those pictures were moving. I cannot express my appreciation enough for the job you did. Thank you and God bless you! We are looking forward to having you photograph more "life moments" for us in the future, so I hope Dallas is on your list of fun cities to come and hang out in, because we will be getting you up here.

Again, Thank you

Anahi said...

thank you so much, now I'm the one in tears ;) can't wait to visit you guys in Dallas !
anahi :)