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Anahi :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 amazing bridal sessions :)



ok this is all you get to see until the actual wedding...lol! , very different type of sessions, each one amazing in its own way...thank you so much for a great time !

Fabulous makeup and hair done by Rosemary. Make sure you checkout her new website ! just click here :)

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Amanda said...

soooooo, my fiance said he would be a good boy and not look at your website! so feel free to add whatever pictures you'd like! I trust him! lol!
I can't wait for the wedding pictures!!!!!

Anahi said...

hey amanda ! very tempting...should we trust him ? lol!

amanda said...

yes yes! lol i wanna see more tooooo!! I can't wait to print them out!!! :]