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Anahi :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

woo...hoo! its finally here !

Quick Fact #1: featured couple on this image is Felicia+Bobby which will be tying the knot this weekend..how exciting !

Quick Fact #2: lots of other cool stuff and announcements coming in this week. Make sure you come back to read the latest !

Quick Fact #3: lots of people were involved to to help me go live with my new website. a huge thank you to all my fellow photographer friends that lent their fresh eyes to help me :)

and finallly...click here to visit my new site :)

happy browsing !
anahi :)


carlos oscar ruiz said...

Anahi me dejaste impresionado con tus fotografias . . . . tienes un autentico talento que me hizo sostener la respiracion mientras veia tus fotos.

Mi mas sincera admiracion . . . . .

Oscar R

PD: El de las fotos aereas del Distrito Federal

cindy vela said...

Anahi is a photographer who knows how to catch those moments that brings a smile to your face.. they are images that you will never forget.

Cindy Vela