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Thursday, February 21, 2008

michael+jennifer Austin,Tx

I'm doing great !!!! ...what about you ?

you are about to enjoy some tidbits of what happened in Austin :) Michael + Jennifer are a super awesome couple, and by the end of the day it was like if we had just ran a marathon ! well, michael was doing better than us, but that is just because he didn't have a "groom" session...lol !!! not a bad idea !.... We started early with Jennifer's bridal....and this is pretty much all you will get to see:

isn't she gorgeous ?
sorry...all the images are on a private gallery to protect them from michael.... all I can say now is that it rocked ! unfortunately I will not be shooting their wedding because I was booked for their date, however they chose me to shoot their bridal and e-session....and gotta tell you...it was a lot of fun! let's begin....

where they first ran into each other.... where he proposed ! (UT Tower)

I love this sequence shot...

we even got ring shots :)

a visit to the State Capitol:

the Alamo...drafthouse cinema

we took a little break, to chat a little and warm up....with a few beers ;)

then back to hit 6th street again:


back to the hotel on a very green ride !

cruising San Jacinto street...

and this is goodbye....

Thank you guys for an awesome session !!! I wish you guys lots of happiness and a wonderful life together :)

anahi :)

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Brownsville Scenes said...

Hi Anahi! Great photos! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I loved these pictures! :) Fantastic!