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Friday, December 14, 2007


woo...hoo ! this is post #100 yey!...and let me tell you what a fantastic couple I have for this post.
kia+mike are just too cool...mike is such a sweet handsome irish guy and kia...is just absolutely gorgeous ! ...and being around them is so refreshing and energizing. I have to say I'm so lucky to have met them :)

To view their way too cool slideshow Click here

and now a "few" pics:

the girls and the Vera Wang

the rings, and yes those are m&m's !

our beautiful bride and her lovely shoes :)

kia+mike are all about the details, take a look at the gorgeous decorations by Susana Roser and making sure everything ran smooth at Los Ebanos the fabulous Donna Liston

now...one of my favorites cakes of 2007:

did I mention this is one of my favs cakes ?

"the monkey" ;)

how cool is this cake ?

chasing the camera...and me :)

looking pretty ;)

just married !

the "veil" series:

this is a "kia+mike" moment:

having fun!


kia+mike, please know that it was truly an honor to be there to document your day. I feel so lucky to have met you, I had so much fun shooting your engagement, remember the horror stories ? and how dark it was when we got back ?. it was so nice to see you in your wedding surrounded by your friends and family. I wish you the best with all my heart :)

To view your gallery click here:


Anahi :)

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