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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Stephanie's bridal shower :)

Bridal showers are fun!

Mrs. Harse organized a beautiful bridal shower for her daughter Stephanie. Can't wait to shoot their wedding next November! Scroll down to see more tidbits of what happened :)

Stephanie & Yammile played a little with my "photo booth" ;)

...I think they were having fun ;)

Stephanie & friends:

One of the highlights of the event was Dulce, who played the guitar, keyboard, sang and even danced flamenco! If you have a chance you have to go see her live Friday nights at Tre Fratelli.

Marti Schaefer, Laura Harse, Polly Ledezma, Stephanie Harse, Marta Ortiz

enjoying the reunion:

really enjoying the reunion ;)

Proud mom & daughter :)


Anonymous said...

I'm a long lost cousin of Laura and live in England. Loved to see you so happy, also t.Polly and your lovely daughter. Perhaps you could contact me?
Margarita Aguilar Mouque

Anahi said...

yey! how exciting, reconnecting families :) I'll also pass your message directly to them :)