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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Christine+Omero and their fabulous destination wedding !

I met Christine & Omero a year ago and you can say we really clicked ;) and completely trusted me to document their wedding. Here is a preview of their amazing day:

* Quick update, for all of you waiting for the complete gallery: Enter your password here more favs coming soon !

Omero trying to get a sneak peek...

Christine, the lovely bride:

I love shoes...you proably know that by now ;)

almost ready & looking good !

first time they see each other ...

Christine and Omero's session:

Rolls Royce 1946, Christine's dream car :)

our gorgeous bride ;)

The ceremony and reception was held at Las Nubes, Monterrey a real treat for all the guests !

one of many emotional moments of the day:

details...details...details.... everything was just perfect ! Adriana from Events 2 Plan did a great job organizing the event.

and as a special "thank you" from Christine & Omero to all their friends and family...an awesome firework display !

first dance:

the Olson twins ;) no...not really, they are Omero's lovely cousins :)

Christine & Omero enjoying "the view"

Thank you guys, I wish you the best with all my heart. You are truly blessed with a wonderful loving family and the love and connection between you two is absolutely beautiful !



Omero said...

Okay...cry me a river! Anahi, I am literally speechless and you know that doesnot happen often; I am quite the Chatty-Cathy, but your photos my goodness! I want to see more and more! You are a ture, TRUE artist by heart.

Truly amazed,
Christine B. Flores (hee hee)
"The Bride"

anahi said...

Hi Chrisine,
Thank you so much for your comments, I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures. More to come soon !
Anahi :)