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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Destination: California!

I shot Anabel & Paul's engagement session last year in August. We had a great time ! The stories we can tell about that day...first we got kicked out of location #1...yeah we are dangerous ;) but Mark at 409 open his gallery for us. (thanks again Mark!) next stop: South Padre, yey!!! oh...and how can I forget the car keys, lost somewhere in the sand. Somehow we managed to survived that ;) and now I can't believe the wedding is here !!! I will be flying to California in a few more hours, can't wait to be there and get to meet all the wonderful people Anabel keeps talking about. :)

Thank you so much Ann Philips from "That Lime Green Store" for letting them now about my work :) You can read more about the wonderful invitations she creates here: That Lime Green Store

The best way to reach me for the next few days will be by email, just send me a note at anahi@anahiphotoart.com or leave me a message at 956.266.1344 and I'll get back to you asap.

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