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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A little bit about me....

This is me... and how much I like to be in the other side of the camera ;)....just kidding ....it is not that I do not like it, but I think I do a better job looking at YOU through the other side of the lens.

Welcome to my blog, this is my first entry. I will be posting my latest images, projects, exhibitions and other things that are part of my life.

Let me tell you through pictures a little bit about me...

I was born in Mexico City,

I spent most of my summers in "Popo Park" named after the volcano in Mexico "Popocatepetl"

I do not have enough words to describe this place, its beauty is captivating,

My family in Mexico is dedicated full time to the Arts, my uncle restores commissioned old paintings, exhibits his original work along with my aunt and cousins, they all have a wonderful talent with music, singing and dancing...I can only hope that in some way I have inherited some of their talent, what I do know is that all those summers spent with them trained my eye and opened a whole new world to me...

Ok...I think this is it for now, make sure you come back to see my latest images , and read about what is going on in Brownsville,Matamoros, South Padre, Harlingen, McAllen and more !

Thank you for taking the time.., welcome to my photography world !



Anonymous said...

Hey Anahi,
I like your blog, it looks good. Your photos are so exquisite. I think I might have to opportunity to get into photography this summer. I'll keep you posted. We'll have to go out for coffee soon!

Sarah Williams

KRISTINA said...

Hola Anahi i met you at HEB remember you gave me your card well i must say i am very impressed i loved your work i am going to email you some of my pictures so that you can let me know what you think see ya .

kristina gomez

mpma segovia said...

hola anahi:
sabes... tus fotos me mueven muchas emociones, recuerdos, sentimientos...felicidades por lograr ese efecto en el arte de fotografia. Que Dios te bendiga siempre.....